Winfun Junior Builder Tool Truck


Interactive tool truck with light-up buttons and melodies
3 modes of play: Animal sounds, Fun sound effects and Music mode
Lift the pegs with the hammer, twist the screwdriver to hear click-clack sound and saw on the saw-spaces
2 colorful turning pages with sound effect
Equipped with tools hammer, saw and screwdriver

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Winfun Junior Builder Tool Truck:

An interactive tool truck with light-up buttons and melodies gives your child a fun play. Give the gift of imaginative play and the feeling of accomplishment with this tool. This will develop the sensory and pretend play improves concentration, attention span, and memory, while your little one develops social and fine motor skills. This Realistic tools for real-time action. This tool truck-sized is just right for little hands. It develops hand-eye coordination and building skills. It encourages your baby for storytelling and imitative role-play.


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