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Name: Shatterproof protection head pillow

Material: Cotton Filling material: polyester fiber

Size: 32 * 14CM


1. Soft cotton material: This protection pad is made of large cotton, the baby skin-cover fabric is soft and breathable.

2. Protection function: no need to touch the baby’s head, use breathable, lighten the impact, protect the baby’s head and back. Great Protects Babies from Sick When They Fall – Effectively avoids head injury while baby is running training.

3. The back protective pad has a Unique design, cute appearance, which makes your baby a bright spot anywhere.

4.Adjustable: the shoulder strap can be adjusted for flexibility; according to baby size and design with a comfortable feeling.

5. Great protector for your baby: Baby is easy to fall down, headaches and shoulders while learning to walk, walk and crawl, these cute little wing protectors will help you protect your children.

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  • Effectively protect babies from hurting when they fall.
  • The upper center is to make sure this head protection pad can absorb the pressure when the baby falls down!
  • Adjustable shoulder belt, solid and stretchable straps, allows baby to move freely.
  • Get prepared when your baby is learning sitting, crawling, walking, and running.


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