Edu Play Giraffee Spring Sea Saw


• Brand: Edu Play

• Plastic material

• Designed for toddlers & smaller children

• Helps to teach children the benefits of playing together

• An ideal see-saw with adjustable height

• Dimension: 121 x 34 x 37 cm

• Age: 1 +

• Size: 34 X24 X 121 cm

• Weight: 5.40 kg

• Gender: Unisex

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A durable plastic seesaw in the shape of a giraffe.

It comes with a concertina on one end. Makes squeaking noises as it rocks.

Suitable for indoor use only.

The push-me-pull-me versions of our long-necked friend makes an ideal see-saw with adjustable height.

Thanks to a nifty spring beneath the seat, your child can go ‘solo’ but a brother, sister, neighbor or little Eduplay bring twice the fun. The see-saw also has a squeaker; do not worry though – it is removable!


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