Bamboo Fiber 5 Pcs Tableware Set Sika Deer


5pcs Set (plate, bowl, spoon, fork, cup)

age: 6 month+

Material: bamboo fiber

​Package: plate+ bowl+ cup+ fork+ spoon plate

Note: please don’t use it in microwave

This Bamboo Meal Set Includes: One Large Divided Section Plate, One Bowl, One Drinking Cup, One Spoon Utensil, One Fork Utensil.
Material: 100% BAMBOO, Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly, BPA-Free, FDA Approved, Sustainable Bamboo Fiber,
Dishwasher Safe
Tip: Microwave is not available
BAMBOO Fiber Features: Bottom non-slip, spoon curve designed for children, bright colors, increase children’s eating fun.

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Dinnerware Set for Babies

The dinnerware 5 pcs Set consists of children’s bowl, dinner plate, toddler’s cup, spoon, and fork. The perfect 5-piece dining set crafted from eco-friendly and durable materials to give your children a safe and ergonomic dining solution. This is an eye-catching colorful dedicated animal design and smooth finish to get children eating before you know it. These are all small enough to be easily held by little hands and also these will let your kids enjoy their meals with this break-resistant.


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