Foldable Musical Piano Baby Gym Mat


Material: Environmentally friendly ABS, cotton fabric, electronic components.
Size: 71 cm* 56 cm* 38 cm

Package Includes:
1 Pcs Kids Play mat Including Pendant

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This item: Foldable Musical Piano Baby Gym Mat
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Comfortable cloth is convenient to clean.
Using safe material to care for baby health.
Environmentally friendly ABS food grade material production.
Rich in content, soft sound, LED music.
Play multi functional piano fitness frame to accompany a baby over 18 months
Promoting muscle development, three months the baby can fold and press on the piano keys and touch the pendant, which will promote muscle development of the arms and legs.
Eye and hand coordination, a six month old baby can sit and play Bell ring hanger that will train the ability and flexibility of holding a small baby’s hand.
Teeth development, ring hanger bell can come down to play, and baby can also bite teething gel on the ringing bell that will promote baby’s developmental teeth
Hearing, when the baby is pressed on the piano key, this will send out different musical sounds and thus stimulate the baby’s sense of hearing.


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