BUBBLE Balloon Gun, 32 Holes + Reserve Solution And Tray

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Soap balloon gun, Unicorn, with light and sound + spare solution and tray

The toy is perfect for outdoor recreation. Soap bubbles will create a lot of joy not only for the child playing, but also for everyone around.


- This iribal gun produces a lot of bubbles.

- The set contains: 1 gun, 1 bottle with solution, 1 tray, 2 holders for decorating the gun.

- Easy use: insert 4 AA 1.5 V batteries in the space intended for them. You put the solution for cartridges in the tray, insert the front part of the gun in the solution for cartridges, raise the gun and press the trigger, and through the 32 holes of the barrel of the gun, a lot of cartridges come out.

- The toy can be used either during parties or for the amusement of the little ones.

- The solution for blisters is safe for children's skin, but it is not potable. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

- The solution container has a capacity of 35 ml.

- The toy is made of quality, non-toxic plastic.

- The product works with 4 AA batteries, 1.5 V, not included. Batteries are inserted only by adults, in the intended space, in the correct position, respecting the polarity. The battery compartment must be clean. Exhausted batteries are changed and recycled according to the rules in force. If the product is not used for a long time, remove the batteries until the moment of reuse.

- The gun is available in color combinations, with the predominant color being pink or blue. The delivery is made depending on the color chosen in the order and the availability in stock or, if the color is not specified in the order, the delivery is made randomly.

- Packaging: box.

Gun size: 17.5x8x5x16 cm

Tray size: 8.8x8.8x0.8 cm

Sticker size: 5.3x2.4 cm

Product size in packaging: 18x8.5x17 cm

Recommended age : +3 years