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Multi-functional Rocker

Mastela 5-in-1 multi-functional rocker is an exceptional piece of baby gear that not only helps the baby to play but feed, nap, and travel as well. A deluxe rocker that has multiple features like a removable bassinet, single-handed reclining to quickly shift from playtime to nap time, adjustable movements, and much more.


Convertible Rocker

Mastela 5-in-1 rocker is designed in such a way that it can easily become a cot through its single-handed reclining feature as the baby falls asleep. In addition to this, it can also turn into a bassinet as the seat is removable hence, can be easily placed on the bed; this feature also aids parents in co-sleeping.

More About This Product

Adjustable vibrations

Mastela 5-in-1 rocker has 3-level adjustable vibrations that help soothe the baby while he is awake and cranky, as well as encourage sleep.


This Matela 5-in-1 bassinet is user-friendly and convenient to use, as it is equipped with a removable seat, that can easily be turned into a baby carrier or a baby bassinet.


This 5-in-1 multi-functional rocker has a detachable toy bar with two plush toys to keep them entertained, as well as an in-built unit that plays melodies to help soothe the baby.


This 5-in-1 multi-functional bassinet features a 3-point harness to ensure baby safety while saving you the hassle of constantly being close to the baby.

Drop-down walls

Mastela's 5-in-1 rocker has an incredible feature of drop-down front walls that allow parents to keep a closer eye on the baby.

Easy cleaning

The Mastela 5-in-1 rocker is super easy to clean as the seat pad and mattress are both removable.

More About This Product

Mastela 5-in-1 rocker - a complete set of baby gear and the comfort space for your baby. Some more features are:

  • The rocker is easily convertible into a baby carrier and even bassinet.
  • 3-level adjustment vibration mode to soothe the baby.
  • 5 reclining positions that helps in activities like nap,play,feed and travel.
  • The rocker is convertible into a baby carrier as well as a bassinet.
  • Removeable toybar with 2 plush toys along with in-buily music.

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Mastela 5-in-1 baby rocker is an essential baby gear that soothes babies and provide ease to parents. So, get it for your baby in affordable price!

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Mastela 5-in-1 Baby


This Matela 5-in-1 bassinet is user-friendly and convenient to use, as it is equipped with a removable seat, that can easily be turned into a baby carrier or a baby bassinet. As a result, it can be easily placed on the bed to keep the baby close to you while sleeping or relaxing; this feature also aids parents in co-sleeping. In addition to this, this bassinet is convertible into a baby carrier, so you may carry your baby with ease. Furthermore, the rocker has 5 reclining positions, to help the baby engage in activities like playing with the toybar playthings as well as to relax the baby while he sleeps.


This deluxe rocker is designed with the baby's comfort and safety in mind, whether he or she is awake or asleep. Mastela's 5-in-1 rocker includes a soft, padded mattress that is soft enough to keep your baby cozy in his small space while also being sturdy enough to support the delicate spine. Furthermore, the bassinet soothes the baby through its gentle, adjustable, 3-level vibration mode and rocking movements.


This baby rocker consists of a 3-point harness that ensures your baby’s safety. Furthermore, it is equipped with an adjustable canopy to provide shade if you are out and about on a sunny day. In addition to this, the rocker is installed with a mosquito net to provide your baby with protection from mosquitoes and other insects. Furthermore, the rocker has an incredible feature of drop-down front walls that allow parents to keep a closer eye on the baby.


This bassinet is a one-time purchase that will serve you well for a couple of purposes. The rocker can cater to a baby’s feeding time, nap time, playtime and even traveling. It is believed that it is not safe for a baby to sleep in a rocker. But with the Mastela 5-in-1 rocker, it is completely safe as the rocker has a single-handed reclining feature in case the baby falls asleep while playing or listening to music. Furthermore, as it turns into a flat baby bassinet the borders can be raised to provide safety for a sleeping baby.


This 5-in-1 multi-functional rocker not only soothes the baby with its gentle rocking movements but also with music and lullabies. The rocker also has a 3-level adjustable vibration mode that aids the baby in sleeping. It also has a removable toybar with playthings to keep your child engaged and happy while he is awake.

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