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Baby teether price in Pakistan

The baby teether is one of the important babies chew toys to have when your little one is growing up. The teeth emerging process of a baby lead parents to look for the best baby teether in Pakistan along with the reasonable baby teether price in Pakistan.

In babytown, a teether for babies is available at a budget-friendly price in Pakistan. Therefore, we request parents not to waste their time looking for baby teether here and there when it is easily accessible at babytown. 

We know this painful phase of a child where little ones are desirous of chewing everything they grab. Our teether for babies available at our online store is the best choice for parents.

Hygienic Baby teether

A teether for a baby is not a big and heavy product, instead it is such a small baby product of great significance in parents’ life and babies’ life as well. Therefore, when it comes to choosing teethers, hygiene is the prime concern. And why not be concerned about hygiene while shopping for a baby teether?

Babytown assures parents that purchasing teethers for their babies from our online store won’t let you down. The reason is the hundred percent hygienic quality. We are absolutely aware of the prime concern of parents for hygiene, and hence even babytown is never ready to compromise on the hygiene factor.

Quality baby teether at babytown 

For sure, when hygiene is our priority then quality is our matter of great importance. It is one of the reasons that our customers trust babytown with their eyes closed. Moreover, it is one of those reasons too through which babytown has gained some potential customers. 

A quality baby teether is only available at babytown. So, shop it once and cherish it till the baby grows gums and teeth. 

Variety of baby teether

Fewer options in baby products and baby gears become a cause of dissatisfaction for parents. Parents of little pumpkins always fancy a wide range of variety even if it’s the smallest item.

Although baby teether is a small baby item at babytown, parents will find a unique variety of teethers for baby. We guarantee you that this sort of variety you won’t discover in any other market or online store.

The massive collection of products available at our online store helps parents to choose the best and perfect items for their little ones. 

Types of baby teether at babytown

As mentioned earlier, at babytown unique and different types of teethers for babies are available. Thus say good-bye to conventional baby items and welcome and shop new baby items gladly. 

Following baby teethers are available at babytown right now:

  • Baby silicon teething glove
  • Chilly bites teether
  • Carry and teeth purse
  • Different shaped baby teethers

Baby silicon teething glove- features

Sometimes a normal baby teether is not enough to soothe the rough time of a baby. Oftentimes, when you hand them a teether they throw it away and turn into a more fussy child. 

In the midst of such a problematic situation, a baby silicon teething glove is a must-have baby product during the teething process of a baby. 

  • The silicone material is completely safe for your baby as it is tested and BPA-free.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • You can wash it as many times as you want. 
  • Babies can easily soothe their gums with this baby silicon teething glove.
  • 100% non-toxic. 
  • A full-time entertainment for your baby. 
  • Your baby won’t get any teeth scratches with the baby silicon teething glove.
  • The strap of the glove is adjustable.

Baby silicon teething glove is not just a soothing teether for your bundle of joy but also an entertaining toy. 

Colors available:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Light pink
  • Orange
  • Sea green 

Chilly bites teether- features

Bright starts is a well-known and top-ranked brand for baby teethers. This brand proves a lifesaver for parents, and as well as their babies.

  • Relieves the teeth pain of a baby
  • Bright starts chilly bites teether are filled with H2O so parents can even keep it in the refrigerator. 
  • Refrigeration gives a cooling effect which further soothes your baby’s gum.
  • Easy to grasp.
  • Comes in different shapes.

Brights starts chilly bites teether is an ideal sized teether to relieve your baby’s sore gums. So, hand the little one chilly bites teether and let him chew it. 

Carry and teeth purse- features

Want to make your baby’s teething journey beautiful and unique? Especially for your baby girls? Bright starts bring you a carry and teeth purse which is exactly designed like a purse. This water-filled teether has various outstanding features. It includes:

  • An eye-catching combination of pink and purple.
  • Light-weighted so your baby girl can clutch it easily.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to chew and carry for your baby girl.
  • Washable.
  • Bead chaser for additional amusement.

For sure, your baby girl will love this amazing carry and teeth purse and will always keep it with her. With carry and teeth purse make your baby’s teething journey easier and fancy,

Different shaped baby teethers

Buy a single packet of bright starts baby teether for your little munchkin and get three teethers within a single packet.

Different shaped baby teethers

  • Different shapes
  • Fun colors and textures for your baby’s entertainment.
  • It is shaped in a way that your baby can effortlessly grab it.
  • You can put one teether in a refrigerator while your baby is chewing or having fun with the other two. 
  • Filled with pure H2O.
  • Made with high-quality material
  • 100% hygienic.
  • The plastic is durable.
  • Easily fit into your baby’s mouth for sucking and chewing.
  • A basic teether for your baby. 

Baby teether- shop now

Shop the best teethers for your baby from babytown right now. We are open day and night for your queries and orders. 

Babytown is offering baby teether at discount prices all over Pakistan including, the major cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. 

We are eagerly waiting to help parents in the teething journey of their babies.

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