Newborn shopping checklist

Newborn shopping checklist for first-time parents

  • By : Shop Manager
  • January 25, 2023

As the due date draws closer and gathering all the basics for your newborn might be difficult. Newborn shopping is an overwhelming experience. The number of baby supplies an infant requires can also be overwhelming for new parents.

Hence, use this newborn shopping checklist to find out what your baby will need in the first three months. The newborn shopping checklist contains all the essentials from the nursery, to the functional stuff for when you’re out and about. The excitement of bringing the baby home gets doubled.

Let’s dig in!


For many parents, the nursery becomes the most significant area of the house. Are you in doubt about whether you have everything covered for your little one’s nursery or not? Then this newborn shopping checklist is certainly for you. Use it to make sure you have everything you need for the nursery.

  • Crib: Whenever there is a baby essentials checklist, the crib is always the priority! Babies sleep for about 16-18 hours a day, wanting a cozy and safe place to snooze. And that safe space is the crib. However the crib can be an expensive baby essential item to purchase, but it can be used for years ahead. Like as a safe playpen or even a bed for toddlers.
  • Crib mattress: A firm mattress is what a baby’s delicate spine needs. Make sure that the mattress fits the crib perfectly.
  • Bedding: For a baby, a waterproof mattress cover and a few fitted mattress sheets would do the work. Hence, no need to get a stockpile up. Ensure that the crib doesn’t have anything else in it like blankets, pillows, etc. For it may increase the risk of suffocating the baby and also SIDS. The baby in its initial days doesn’t need much bedding.
  • Bassinet: Keeping this optional, but some parents do prefer bassinets in the initial weeks. The reason can be as they are affordable, small, and portable.
  • Night light: You need to be able to see whenever your baby asks for feed or even is time to change the diaper. These night lights are not just useful in the initial days but also when the baby grows. Night lights ensure that the baby sleeps peacefully.
  • Baby monitor: Suppose you are in another room or kitchen performing some chores. And the baby wakes up and starts crying or needs anything. Or is constantly restless, you wouldn’t know until you check up on the baby. Therefore, a baby monitor is essential to keep an eye on the baby regardless of where you are.
  • Wardrobe organizer: You will need a space to organize all those baby clothes in. Hence, the drawers or shelves that are easily and readily available now for babies are that perfect space for you. In addition to keeping clothes, you can also store the diapering supplies in it.
  • Pacifiers: Newborns need a lot of soothing, hence pacifiers can be an essential item to keep along. Ensure to get a pacifier that is suitable to your baby, as they come in various sizes.
  • Toy storage: This is not essential, but you do need to keep all those cute stuff toys that you must have bought for your little one.
  • Diaper caddies: These are diaper organizers that have multiple compartments to organize all diaper supplies and essentials in one place. You can easily organize diapers, rash cream, wipes, tissues, and all the other essentials of diapering in this.
  • Rocking chair: The best thing to invest in is a rocking chair, this would help your baby calm through its rocking motion


A newborn shopping checklist isn’t complete unless it includes toys and baby gear. Check out some essentials that you need to get for your baby’s playtime:

  • Baby swing: The swing help soothe the baby via its vibrating motion. The difference between a swing and a bouncer is that the swing moves regardless of the baby’s movement, which means the swing is mostly automatic and you get to choose between sway and vibrating settings. Ensure that you choose the swing according to your baby’s weight as swings come with different minimum and maximum weight limits. Nowadays a wide variety of swings is available, with multiple features.
  • Baby bouncer: similar to a baby swing, the bouncer uses the baby’s leg movements to bounce. It is essential as it will help you relax or finish some work while the baby is busy bouncing. Same as swings, bouncers also have weight limits, so don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  • Toys: However newborns are not yet ready to make the most use of toys hence, for them rattles or card books with high-contrast patterns are pretty amusing. Whereas when the baby grows old, soft toys, stacking toys and other toys can be exciting for them. However, always ensure to select such toys that would not be of any harm to the baby.
  • Play gyms/play mat: Tummy time is the most important time for babies. Playgyms are used to make tummy time even more fun. The play gyms are available in different colors, patterns, and many other features to keep the baby entertained and busy.


Baby’s diet is the top priority for parents, especially mothers. With the right feeding supplies, the process of baby feeding can go smoothly. Check out the essentials for feeding below:

  • Burp cloth: Newborns tend to burp and spit a lot of curdled milk. Thus, using a burp cloth can save your cloth from all that curdled milk.
  • Nursing covers: Breastfeeding is the most beautiful part of motherhood, and why hesitate to breastfeed the baby when you’re out? You can use nursing covers to keep this special moment isolated from the outer world!
  • Nursing pillow: Nursing pillows provide extra comfort to the baby as well as the mother during breastfeeding sessions. These pillows are firm and hence provide good support.
  • Bibs: Bibs for babies are extremely handy and essential, as they save the cute attire of babies from milk, spit-ups, and drool.
  • Bottles and teats: Whether breastfeeding or formula feeding, baby feeding bottles and teats are must-haves for newborn babies. The feeding bottles are in glass and plastic; you can choose from both. There are even narrow-neck and wide-neck bottles in various shapes and sizes.
  • Breast pump: Whether you are a working mother or a homemaker, in both cases pumping is essential. So express the breast milk using a manual or electric pump.
  • Formula milk: In case of any emergency, the doctor you are consulting will prescribe suitable formula milk for the baby.
  • Bottle warmer: This is a time-saving gadget that is extremely handy, hence a baby essential as it warms the milk in no time. Whether breast milk or formula!
  • Breast milk storage bags: Storage of breast milk in a specific type of storage bag is essential. It is to ensure the safety of the milk until consumed. These bags help in storing breast milk compactly in refrigerators. You can even directly pump into the bag and save yourself the hassle of washing the pump bottles!
  • Bottle sterilizer: The process of sterilization of every baby feeding supply is essential and crucial for newborns as their immune system is still developing. Hence, a bottle sterilizer can be extremely useful for sterilization. Some devices work as both Baby bottle sterilizers and bottle warmer.
  • Bottle washing brush: Using a brush to wash a baby’s feeding bottle is important. As it ensures deep cleaning of bottles.


Behold! Unlimited diaper changes await you! While it may not be an exciting phase, it is one of the most crucial parts. Check out the list below that would help you diaper your newborn in the best way possible:

  • Changing sheet: It not only keeps your mind at ease as the surroundings would remain clean but also keeps the baby comfortable. Two types of changing sheets are available, waterproof ones and ones with cotton top-sheet.
  • Diapers: You will need a lot of diapers! Diapers come in different sizes according to the weight of the baby, but knowing the size beforehand is impossible hence usually size 1 is recommended for newborns, therefore buy a small pack. Once your baby is born, you will know the size and then stock up!
  • Wipes: The diaper area of the baby needs to be cleaned every time you change the diaper, hence water wipes are the go-to product.
  • Washcloths: There would be times when it will not be possible to bathe the baby. For such times, wet washcloth with hot water makes a baby clean.
  • Rash cream: An essential item, diaper rashes are very common and hurt pretty bad, therefore do not forget to keep the rash cream ready.
  • Diaper caddies: These are diaper organizers that have multiple compartments to organize all diaper supplies and essentials in one place. You can easily organize diapers, rash cream, wipes, tissues, and all essentials of diapering in this.


Newborn baby clothes seem like miniature doll clothes and are adored immensely. But what to keep in mind is that these newborn babies grow out of these small-sized clothes quite fast; sometimes it is even a matter of days.

Here is the checklist for newborn wardrobe essentials:

  • Swaddle: Swaddling keeps the baby comfortable and cozy. As it gives off the vibe of the mother’s womb.
  • Sleepwear: It is important to get sleeping suits, which can be pajamas or sleepers, as newborns tend to sleep a lot, and therefore, they need to be in comfortable clothing. However, it is essential to select sleepwear according to the climate.
  • Rompers or bodysuits: Rompers/bodysuits make diaper changing easier, as they have closure in between the legs. However, it is essential to select clothing according to the climate.
  • Socks or booties: You’ll require a lot of socks and perhaps even some booties. Actual shoes are not yet necessary for your newborn; these can wait till they begin to walk outside.
  • Hat: To protect your baby from the sun.
  • Mittens: If it is winter, then you must have these to keep the baby’s hands warm.
  • Sweater or jacket: To keep the little human warm in winter.trouble-free


Newborns do not need to be bathed every day, but just a few times a week. In any case, to make bath time enjoyable, you may need some baby bath essentials. The checklist below will guide you through everything that you will need:

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  • Baby oil: Baby massages hold a very important place in baby bathing. Massaging the baby with baby oil before bathing helps the body retain moisture. Furthermore, it helps relax the baby.
  • Baby bather or tub: A baby’s navel area is extremely sensitive when they are newborns, as it takes time for the umbilical cord to fall off. Hence, you need to be a bit extra careful while bathing newborns. You will need a baby bather or a baby bathing seat; this will also help you to be tension-free about the baby slipping from your hands.
  • Baby shampoo: The sensitive scalp and delicate skin require customized shampoos.
  • Baby soap: A mild soap, preferably non-fragrant baby soap, must be used for the babies. as they are specifically made for babies’ sensitive skin!
  • Baby bath towels or bathrobes: You don’t want to leave the baby wet as they may get cold easily, so wiping all the water off their skin is important. For that purpose, you will need a soft towel; in addition to this, various varieties of baby bath towels are available, from plain ones to hooded ones, and even bathrobes are easily available for babies in different sizes.
  • Washcloths: There will be days when your baby does not need to be bathed but simply needs to be cleaned gently and gently. For this purpose, you will need a washcloth that can be used for gently wiping the baby’s body with warm water.
  • Baby moisturizer: You don’t want your baby’s skin to be deprived of moisture; therefore, moisturizing the baby’s skin, especially after a bath, is extremely important. Non-fragrant to mildly fragrant baby lotions or creams can be used.


You will take your baby out, whether it is to meet a relative or to take a stroll in a park. The checklist below includes every piece of gear that you may need while taking the bay out and about:

  • Car seat: It is an essential baby item that ensures the baby’s safety in the car. This baby gear item is the one that your newborn baby will need from the moment you take the baby home from the hospital and for every ride thereafter. Ensure that you get a car seat that fits your baby well, according to the baby’s weight and size.
  • Stroller: Various strollers in different styles and designs are available on the market, and every one of them can work well for your baby. Strollers now have adjustable seats, allowing you to adjust the seat to the baby’s needs, such as flattening the seat for newborns.
  • Carrycot: This baby gear item is super useful when you want to go out and also want your hands to be free. Simply put the baby down in the carrycot and carry it anywhere you like. The carrycot can swing, which helps soothe the baby.
  • Diaper bag: This is the most important item not only for babies but also for mothers. A diaper bag helps you be prepared for diaper mishaps when you are out; it fits all the diaper essentials well and compactly and lets you travel tension-free as you know the diaper bag has everything covered.
  • Changing sheets: They not only keep your mind at ease as the surroundings remain clean but also keep the baby comfortable. There are waterproof changing sheets that can easily be wiped clean, whereas some are washable with a cotton top sheet.

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