Mastela 3 In 1 Deluxe Multi – Functional Bassinet – Grey

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Multi-functional Swing

Mastela's automatic swing is an exceptional piece of baby gear that gives off the vibe of an automatic rocking chair for babies. It is a premium swing with multiple features like built-in music, different swing modes, Bluetooth connectivity, and much more.


Portable Swing

Because of its lightweight design, Mastela's electric swing is easy to carry and transport. You can take it to the park or even move it inside your home. In addition, this deluxe swing is also foldable, which means it can save up space too.

More About This Product

5 Point Harness

Mastela remote control swing provides safety for your baby. It comes with a 5-point harness that ensures the baby is safe and sound.


Mastela multi-functional swing is complexity-free, which makes it user-friendly as it comes with a remote.


Mastela battery operated swing comes with a removable toy bar and in-built music that keeps the baby busy and calm.


The automatic swing is equipped with a padded seat to make your baby comfortable and cozy.


It has three different vibration speeds to choose from to soothe your baby.

Video Monitoring

The video monitoring feature enables you to keep an eye on your baby, even if you are at a dsitance

More About This Product

Mastela's 3-in-1 automatic swing is a complete set of baby gear that has multiple features. Some more features are:

  • Mastela electric portable swing is a foldable swing as it is extremely lightweight.
  • Mastela multi-funtional swing has a toy bar that can be removed as per your need.
  • Mastela electric swing is a smartphone compatible swing
  • Mastela remote control swing has adjustable swing speed
  • Mastela baby swing has multiple adjustable positions

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Mastela 3-in-1 multi-functional swing is an essential baby gear that provides comfort to babies. So, get it for your baby in economical price!

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Mastela 3-in-1 Multi-functional


Mastela 3-in-1 electric swing is entirely automatic. The electric swing is designed to simulate the motion of a rocking chair that helps your baby to calm. It comes with a remote that helps you control its major functions. The remote also helps you choose the music from the built-in music library that you want to play. And not only this but it also helps you with the selection of swing’s movement, so choose the movement that suits your baby the most.


Mastela automatic swing calms the baby through its gentle rocking and vibrating movements. These movements are said to simulate the movements of a womb and that of a rocking chair as well. Hence, the babies, especially newborns, can find peace when cranky or fussy. The swing has 3 modes of vibration that you may choose from, to calm the baby down.


Mastela portable swing provides unlimited entertainment for the babies. It has an attached toy bar that keeps the baby engaged and at peace while you sort your stuff. This toy bar can also get detached. Not just that, but it also has built-in music with 15 melodies to soothe the baby, furthermore, it has a USB port and bluetooth connectivity option, which enables you to play whatever you like for your baby.


This Mastela electric baby bassinet is completely secure for babies as it is designed in that way. Therefore, you can just let your baby sit in it and be relaxed. The swing comes with an adjustable mosquito net, that would not only protect the baby from mosquito bites but also from any other insect that could cause harm. Furthermore, the swing has a 5-point harness to keep the baby in place. So don’t worry about your baby slipping; with this harness, he ain’t going nowhere! The most distinctive feature of this electric swing is that it also has a video monitoring option, so that you can always keep an eye on your baby.


The swing has a high-quality plush seat to ensure your baby remains comfortable and cozy all the time. The seat is made from high-quality cotton, keeping in mind the sensitivity of a baby’s skin. Furthermore, the seat can be easily removed and washed to maintain hygiene. Also, this swing can easily be carried anywhere because of its lightweight structure.

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