Overspending on newborn shopping – How to avoid?

  • By : Shop Manager
  • January 29, 2023

Waiting for your baby’s arrival can be extremely overwhelming and exciting, both at the same time. Parenthood is that emotional rollercoaster you never expected, and it is going to change you for good. And in all these new emotions and upcoming responsibilities, the parents-to-be may start to panic. They may even get carried away and end up overspending on unnecessary items. But if they are vigilant and well-researched, the soon-to-be parents can easily save the extra money.

Tips to avoid overspending while shopping


Avoid Hoarding

Once the news of the baby comes, parents easily get carried away in joy and possibly buy everything that they see in any store for their baby. However, this emotional shopping spree can cost you a lot if you do not buy sensibly and try doing budget-friendly newborn shopping. To avoid hoarding you need to wait, give yourself some time, research, and think thoroughly about just the necessities for your baby. This way you can shorten the list of baby essentials and save up money.

Do research 

Always think before buying, especially for the baby. Take some time out, think, and note down the things you may need for a newborn, in other words, make a newborn shopping checklist. Make a note of everything you may or may not think is essential for the baby. Once you have gathered everything on the list, start online research about each item. Online reviews help a lot, so make sure to read them and check the customer ratings as well. This will help you to lessen the extensive list that you have made.

Get hand-me-downs

There is no shame in asking and accepting the hand-me-downs from your family and friends. Your friend may have something essential lying in the store, completely of no more use for him, but for you, it can be your baby’s essential.

Buy second-hand items

No need to spend thousands to buy everything new for the baby. There are many things that you can get second-hand, in mint condition like items for your baby’s nursery. Items like cribs, baby closets, etc and other high-priced items are easily available second-hand at thrift prices.

Shop online

Online shopping is much more convenient than visiting the store. As well as a wallet-friendly way to shop for your newborn. You can save up money while purchasing from online baby stores like Babytown.pk, as they offer great deals and discounts on newborn shopping and newborn accessories shopping in Pakistan. Especially on the items that can be purchased in bulk like diapers and formula.

Smart diaper purchase

Baby diapering is an expense that will cost you a fortune, so better to have the plan ready. Never buy diapers at full price as they can be easily available on sale, so look for the sales. While purchasing diapers make sure you compare different brands, in terms of prices and package sizes, as the number of diapers in a pack varies between brands. So always calculate the unit market price, it makes it easier for you to decide among the brands and packages to find the best value.

Utilize employee benefits

Make sure to call the HR of your workplace, and ask about the benefits your company provides to the parent-to-be. It can include the coverage of your hospital expenses and much more. So do not make a fool of yourself by leaving money on the table and eventually ending up overspending.

Get the convertible baby gear

Babies grow very fast, if today they fit in your lap the next thing you know is they’ve outgrown it with a blink of an eye. Hence, you do not want to keep buying the same baby gear over and over again just because your kid out-grew the last version, do you? For this purpose, get convertible gears that can grow with your baby to avoid overspending. This can be a major money saver! So whenever you shop, look for items that are the best 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 (and so on) options.

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